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One of the most important challenges of our times is to improve security by reducing ID fraud. Smart Cards provide maximum security for governments, public agencies and corporations.


CARDPro is the first choice international supplier of Smart Card-based Identification systems, Offering a powerful portfolio of solutions.

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CARDPro has developed some innovative ID solution and has delivered quality services to government agencies and citizens worldwide.

Every government across the globe needs to identify their citizens, provide them identification services and protect their rights. So far, paper-based documents and plastic cards have been able to support this function, but the trend is towards a chip based solution,

Based on our experience in the field of security and cutting-edge technologies, CARDPro is focusing on these emerging segments, as the demand for electronic identification grows, the ID Sector will become an important growth market.

From national ID cards to driver's licenses and registration certificates, CARDPro offers a high-quality, secure and durable range of solutions that can be tailor-made to fit any requirements.

CARDPro is proud to work with future oriented governments and agencies to convert identification devices into to smart card-based ID solutions. In Lesotho, Kazakhstan and Uganda, CARDPro has already provided driver license and vehicle registration documents, assisting the governments to make their roads safer, identify drivers and register vehicles.


smart become ideal key of security

Security is for many citizens a very important requirement and therefore the world market for identification systems is experiencing exponential growth, and the technology used to create ID solutions is becoming ever more sophisticated. National identification documents, driver license and even health care cards become more and more based on secure smart card technology.

The new generation of smart cards not only pave the way for more efficient work processing, but also, to cutting-edge crypto-technology and authorization concepts, thereby increasing security and data protection.


smart become ideal key of security

CARDPro offers smart card solutions with a large memory capacity and high-security operating system for a wide range of applications. Our technology supports both contact and contactless applications. Data stored onto the card is protected by state-of-art encryption technology, authorized digital signature and biometric methods. At CARDPro, we offer the highest security for board applications.


CARDPro is showcasing a complete PKI Offering which includes secure Data Transmission and Electronic Signature Cards. Besides supplying highly secure smart cards we would be glad to work with you on feasibility studies to show precisely how you can benefit from smart card technology.

We are continuously expanding our portfolio by taking into account emerging and international standards and requirements.



CARDPro works together with national and international system integrators that develop forward-looking solutions for governments and authorities. Sensitive government projects need secure and reliable partners.

· Internationally acknowledged smart card experts

· Experience in global and national projects

· Technology leader


The combination of powerful microprocessors, combined with intelligent and highly secure software, is the foundations for the use of smart cards in public key infrastructure (PKI). In addition, cryptographic methods and functions. e.g. Digital signature and biometric provide ideal data protection.

CARDPro designs and manufactures ID cards (ISO7810 format) and offers high security Identification cards (including java and Multos based multi application cards, and contactless technology.


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