CARDPro is one of the  leading suppliers of prepaid gift cards  in Europe and Australia today.

The idea of replacing traditional paper based gift vouchers with plastic gift cards was first introduced in the US and has been a phenomenal success. Consequently, the European gift card market is predicted to grow by 250% within the next five years. CARDPro provides a complete gift card solution - from design, card production, personalization and fulfillment through to customization. we also offers statement printing and packaging design. Experience and expertise ensure that we provide our clients with everything they need to get started. A bright and eye-catching gift card starts from our artwork studio, creating a customized design. we supply gift cards on PVC laminated, styrene, PLA or APET on ISO credit card specifications. We offer a large choice of options like lenticular, foil card, texture surface, scented card, die cut. At CARDPro we focus on innovation and offer new and exciting products. CARDPro is one of the leading suppliers of prepaid gift cards in Europe and Australia today.

Save time and get your cards faster

CARDPro’s capabilities:
Ink-Jet printing Thermal printing Indent printing
Laser engraving Scratch-off panel Embossing
Bar code PIN generation Encoding
Affixing Packaging Inserting

Our service bureau offers customers the ability to manage their card projects from start to finish. Supported by our customer service team through the entire process, we will personalize and deliver your project according your requirements. We have strict quality standards implemented, resulting in the highest quality processing available.

Gift cards offer retailers more benefits compared to paper vouchers

  • Increased Sales: The unspent value remains on the gift card, encouraging repeat visits. 60% of gift card holders spend 15-20% more than the gift card’s face value.
  • Acquisition & Retention: Gift cards attract new customers. Detailed statistical information provides analysis of buying habits which can be used for data mining and ultimately to increase loyalty.
  • Improved Profitability: Gift cards ensure that the customer receives the goods they want, which in turn reduces the amount of returned or exchanged merchandise.
  • Brand Differentiation: New printing techniques provide consistency of branding. Gift cards have a higher perceived value to customers than vouchers.
  • Flexibility: Gift cards can be designed to maximize seasonal promotions.
  • Reduced Fraud: Gift cards are without value until activated at the point of sale. This allows for more prominent positioning within the store which in turn drives sales through increased awareness and impulse buying.
Scented card: Lenticular card:
Sc ented Card

CARDPro scented cards are created when a specialised ink substance is applied overall or in spot applications. These cards can be customised to your project specifications, and come in more than 15 scents.

lenticular CardA lenticular image has two components; a printed image and a lenticular lens screen through which the image is viewed. As you flip the card in your hand, the image seems to come to “life”. Depending on how the images interlaced, lenticular images can convey the illusion of 3D, zoom and/or motion video. Contact us to learn more about how CARDPro can take your design to the next level with lenticular printing!

Textured surface card: Foil card:

Textured Surface CardCARDPro offers a variety of full textured surfaces to add visual and tactile appeal to your card design. Textured surface technology can be combined with many of

Foil Cardmight be combined with other printing processes such as lenticular effects. Contact our sales team to learn how a foil card can enhance your gift card design.

Metal Card: Raised surface card::

Metal Card CARDPro can provide a static or personalized metal card as a special promotional tool, for when your clients want something unqiue.

Raised Surface  CardRaised surfaces are created through ink application processes. Inks can contain a
variety of specialty materials from metallic to glow-in-the-dark.

Clear Card: Die-cut Card:

Clear CardCARDPro provides litho printing on clear plastic and translucent cards, with a
faux frosted look using tint screens, spot colors and a 4-colour process for a
unique appearance. Clear cards gained popularity due to the special effects
incorporated into the design.

Die-Cut CardDie-cut gift cards are an effective marketing tool. Die-cutting can be easily adopted with nearly all of our specialty card technologies. Our sales representatives are trained to work closely with you to ensure your design flows through each production phase and performs well in the field.

The Newest CARDPro Gift Card Solution

Did you know CARDPro is the only card manufacturer in China who has invested in a dedicated Gift Card Personalization facility?

The New System Concept from Atlantic Zeiser provides cutting-edge technology, high speed performance and flexibility. Features include adjustable high speed mag encoding, unique card alignment, utmost flexibility in card design. CARDPro will meet all of your card production needs in both style and format, for prepaid cards, odd shaped cards and different magnetic positions. CARDPro offers one of the most sophisticated gift card production and personalization solution in the world.

High system performance up to 50,000 cards/hour

CARDPro’s investment in the Atlantic Zeiser Cardline Versa personalization system means that CARDPro can deliver more than 300,000 cards per shift. The most sophisticated verification quality control system available for a card personalization system enables CARDPro to bring you peace of mind with your card fulfillment.

CARDPro has implemented the most secure Camera Audit Control System in the world

One camera checks the data printed, a second camera checks that the scratch or signature panel is correctly put down, the third camera system checks the data printed and the label (scratch or signature). Then for accuracy, the system creates an output data file which can be cross examined with the customers’ input data file to ensure that 100% of the customers’ data were printed correctly. CARDPro offers drop on demand high speed inkjet personalization, combined with magnetic stripe encoding of oversized non-ISO card types. CARDPro can deliver key tag and card combination cards without data integrity issues.

1.Magnetic Encoding

The state of the art precision magnetic encoder allows additional flexibility and adjustable positioning for stripes anywhere on the card. Both TOP DOWN and BOTTOM UP encoding are available, stripes can be programmed forward and backward. Three-track HiCo and LoCo encoding uses the same ceramic design write and read heads: HiCo up to 25,000 cards/h and LoCo up to 36,000 cards/h.

2.Inkjet Imaging

Various inkjet imaging solutions are available in order to meet widespread application requirements guaranteeing high quality prints even at high production speeds: ·Print resolution up to 360 dpi

  • Print width up to 65 mm (2.56 inches)
  • Print width expandable by using multiple print heads (stitching)
  • AZ developed special inks(UV, solvent, glycol)


High-speed accurate wipe on label unit for application of standard or custom security labels. The x-core function reduces the number of roll changes and machine down-times. CARDPro can provide holographic and over printed scratch panels, which incorporate the latest security features.

4.UV Curing

Compact UV curing systems are integrated for AZ developed UV curable inks available in black and a variety of spot colors (water cooled SENSECURE system for high speed applications; UV curable inkjet printing ensures that the personalized information will not rubbed off like thermal printed information has typically in the past. Especially for key tags with a barcode, UV Curable inks are protected when the key tag rubs against your key ring.


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