Scratch Cards by CARDPro

Scratch CardPrepaid solutions have become one of the most exciting developments and highest growth areas in the market today. With the CARDPro emphasis on quality standards at every manufacturing level, our business is growing at an exponential rate throughout Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Explore the versatility of our product offerings, choice of materials and thicknesses, graphical personalization and security features - with a wide range of packaging options.

CARDPro is one of the leading Chinese suppliers of prepaid solutions in the worldwide market. We are card specialists in high-speed production for mobile communications and we are able to provide the quickest possible deliveries in the industry.

Schedule and availability

At CARDPro, security and quality come first. To provide the best support for our customers, CARDPro China was formed as a partnership with a leading Chinese manufacturer. As a result we have invested heavily to obtain the following international certifications:

  • ISO9001:2000
  • ISO14001:2004
  • GSM Security Accreditation Scheme
  • VISA Certification
  • MasterCard Certification
TelecomProduction and capacity

Our current capacity is in excess of 60 million cards per month and delivery extends throughout Asia, the Middle East and Europe.

Our printing equipment can produce paper board and plastic cards at the highest litho and digital print quality. This coupled with pre-planning of different card types and values enables multiple press printing to accommodate small, medium and large runs into one pass – delivering substantial savings on printing costs.

Personalization and security

CARDPro manufactures according ISO9001:2000 standard; however we extend this with our own level of production quality control. Our ten in-line personalization lines ensure total production control is maintained with complete quality assurance video camera technology, and ensures PIN and scratch panel position verification.

Each scratch-card production line is capable of unrivalled speeds of over 30,000 cards per hour. By provisioning 10 available units - any job can be started immediately to ensure our customers are given the quickest possible lead times.

Complete service


  • Fullin - housedesign studio
  • Cardbodyprinting
  • Secure data handling
  • Personalisation
  • Warehousing facilities
  • Logistics handling

Product feature

CARDPro voucher cards are available in a variety of substrates and thicknesses. PVC, polystyrene or paper board from 0.3mm to 0.76mm

Card body
  • Black light
  • Thermo-chromic ink
  • OVI
  • Holographic design
  • Micro text
  • Anti photocopying varnish
  • Black core layer
  • In-line high quality ink-jet personalization with Atlantic Zeiser equipment
  • Vast choice of alphanumeric, bar code fonts and formats
  • 100% video camera inspection to ensure correct PIN and scratch panel position
  • PIN data generation
Scratch label
  • Silver latex (with logo/overprint/thermo chromic)
  • Sandwich label (with logo/black spot/cutting line)
  • Hot-stamp foil (with logo/holographic)
  • Customized wrapping with logo/holographic printing
  • Hot seal or laser seal secure packaging with Kora Packmat equipment
  • Individual or chain wrapping
  • Insertion of leaflets
  • Bundle in a chain from 5 to 25 cards
  • Over wrapping with identification label
Value Added Service

As part of our high-end offering, CARDPro has developed a product range to compliment our SIM card product offer with off the- shelf value added services. These applications typically consist of a SIM Toolkit application combined with a server application.

These applications can be activated post-development by sending a customized operator SMS to the phone. The applications are loaded during the cards’ inactive mode during development – ready to be activated as the mobile operator requires.

Contact CARDPro for further advice and support on development and potential uses of these applications.

SIM cards by CARDPro

Sim CardCARDPro, a versatile supplier of state - of- the art SIM card products, offers a complete GSM SIM card product portfolio. Based upon our solid smart card experience and proven track record, SIM card products from CARDPro are superior in terms of flexibility, performance and compliance to standards.

CARDPro is dedicated to provide mobile solutions and products to enable our customers to strengthen their market positions, and to standout from the competition in an increasingly open and interconnected environment.

Product matrix

Unlike other SIM card vendors, CARDPro is not tied to any specific O/S, brand or type of chip. The CARDPro SIM card business model has been designed to be truly portable and silicon platform independent. To ensure availability, products are offered to provide the largest panel of chip platforms for each product category.

CARDPro USIM cards comply with the latest ETSI 3GPP specifications and are available with a memory capacity ranging from 128kb to the latest 256kb.

The currently available chip platforms for the different products are listed below, organized according to EEPROM size.

Product 16kb 32kb 64kb 128kb 256kb
GSM Native SIM + STK
check mark check mark check mark

WIB 1.2

check mark

WIB 1.3

check mark

S@T 2.0

check mark

Java SIM

check mark check mark

WIB 1.2

check mark

WIB 1.3

check mark

S@T 2.0

check mark

3G Java USIM

check mark check mark
WIB 1.3

check mark check mark check mark
S@T 2.0

check mark
check mark check mark check mark check mark

check mark check mark check mark

check mark check mark check mark
check mark check mark check mark
Product matrix for SIM/USIM/RUIM cards

S@T is a trademark of SIM alliance
Smart Trust and WIB are trademarks of Smart Trust AB in Sweden and other countries.
Sun, Java and Java Card are trademarks or registered trademarks of Sun
Microsystems, Inc. in the United State s of America and other countries

Schedule and availability

Product availability is strategically planned to meet market demands and to ensure smooth transitions as products are discontinued or replaced. Our products reflect the latest development in the GSM technology, and as the technology evolves, we will continue to widen our products and systems portfolio. Stay in touch with us for new exciting SIM card products.


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